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The Dog Grooming Service
That Comes Right To
Your Home

The Dog Grooming Salon
That Comes To You

We are a fully contained mobile grooming salon.
Our service is all inclusive meaning your dog will always get “the works!”
Pawcific serves clients on a reoccurring basis to ensures your dog’s grooming needs are always met.

Deep CleansING Bath

Conditioning Treatment

Teeth Brushing

Ear Cleaning

Face Wash


Coat Brush & Blow Out

Nail Trim & File

Full Service Dog
At Your Home

Your dog’s appointment is all inclusive and customized to their needs. Every dog receives a bath, ear cleaning,
facial, teeth brushing, nail trim and file, loads of affection, and treats if allowed. Desheds, haircuts, tidies,
paw/nose balm is added on an as needed basis.

We are a fully contained mobile grooming salon. Our service is all inclusive
meaning your dog will always get "the works!"

  • We Clean Behind The Ears Too

  • We Groom Spic & Span Always

  • We Style Red Carpet Ready

  • We Spa Spoil & Pamper Too

  • We Love Unlimited Dogs Guaranteed

  • We Clean Behind The Ears Too

Every dog gets a deep cleansing bath powered by a hydro surge recirculating system, conditioning treatment, and facial wash.

  • We Groom Spic & Span Always

Teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nails trimmed and filed at every appointment! If applicable your dog will always have their face, feet and sanitary trimmed up even at appointments not requiring the full hair cut.

  • We Style Red Carpet Ready

Our groomers provide stylish haircuts.

  • We Spa Spoil & Pamper Too

We come equipped with a pheromone diffuser to add to the calming environment. Your dog will wear a robe between final rinse and dry. We give the dogs a face massage while they soak in their blueberry lather.

  • We Love Unlimited Dog Guaranteed

Every Dog is unique so their experience will be too! While each dog will receive top of the line grooming services, the experience itself will be catered to your dog’s individual needs. We love to give them treats and carry dehydrated chicken with us! If your dog has an allergy, provide us with their treats so they don’t miss out.

How It Works

Pawcific serves clients on a reoccurring basis, ensuring your dog’s
grooming needs are always met.

We Love Your Dogs
Just As Much As You Do

Pawcific serves clients on a monthly basis, ensuring your dog’s
grooming needs are always met.

Owner & Groomer


Haylea August started Pawcific NW Grooming in 2021. She has been grooming for seven years and has worked with dogs professionally for over a decade.

Admin & Bather


Kyla previously was a dog handler for seven years. She is a certified dog bather and is currently training with Paragon Pet School to become a certified dog groomer while gaining hands-on experience alongside Haylea.

Customer Reviews
Loved By Dogs & Dog Parents

Our Dog Grooming van services Beaverton & SW Portland.

Check out what some of our happy customers have to say!

Haylea and her team are wonderful! So kind, thoughtful, and focused on the dog and what will make them comfortable. Incredibly thorough. Our pup always looks gorgeous for a good long while. Worth every penny

Regan verified customer

Great service, our two dogs love it. Not only convenient for us humans but so much easier on the dogs. No strange dogs, no stress and crate time before and after grooming. Five stars from Freddy & Bill

Fred H verified customer

My dogs get so excited when Haylea arrives at our house. I heard about her from a friend who raved about how nice she is and how much easier it was on her dog's stress levels. Highly recommend Haylea and Pawcific NW Grooming.

John Cherveny verified customer

Haylea is amazing! As someone who has worked alongside her previously, among other groomers (I am not a groomer), I was always impressed with the compassion she brought to the job. After witnessing what I thought to be the industry standard treatment of animals, I was shocked to see that there is a better, kinder way. I will only allow Haylea to touch my dogs and have gone exclusively to her once I witnessed first hand her skill and love for the animals and the job. Highly recommend Haylea and Pawcific to anyone who will listen. My dogs always come back beautiful, smelling and feeling amazing, and most importantly, not traumatized by the experience in the slightest.

Elizabeth Teays verified customer

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog doesn't like going to the groomer! How is Pawcific different?

While grooming may never be your dog's favorite experience, our service is made to help ease the anxiety of grooming. By visiting your dog monthly, we become part of their routine. This also means their appointments will go smoother as their coat, skin and nails will be properly cared for. We always treat the dogs with compassion and work with them to meet them where they are at.

Do you express glands?

We palpate the area during the bath, if the glands express easily with little to no force, then yes! Let us know if your dog needs gland expression as it is done differently by groomers than vets. We can check the area and let you know if a vet visit is recommended.

Do groomers really find health conditions before vets?

Sometimes, yes! While we obviously aren’t taking blood work or X-rays, we do see every inch of your dog's coat and skin monthly. So we note changes and can advise vet visits accordingly! We can never diagnose but we can make sure you are aware of any changes we see.

Do I need to be home at the time of my appointment?

This is totally up to your comfort level! We prefer to meet you for your dog’s first visit with us so we can chat in person about the haircut. Lock box and garage door codes are kept in a secure place in your file and are deleted from text threads.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your next appointment is pre-booked at the time of your service. If the date doesn’t work for you, let us know as soon as possible so we can re-arrange accordingly. Unfortunately, closer-to-date cancellations can’t always be rescheduled and we will have to return the following month. We do have a cancellation fee for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice; this can be up to the amount of the appointment.

What are your accepted forms of payment?

Card, Cash, Check and Venmo. We have a card reader, but if you’d like your card to be saved on file for future use, let us know. We accept cash, but for the groomer's safety we do not carry change with us. Our venmo is @pawcificnw-grooming

What vaccinations are required?

A fully vaccinated dog is recommended. We are 1-on-1 and disinfect our tools and work space between dogs, so common dog contagions aren’t as big of a concern. Please inform us if your dog is not fully vaccinated so we may take extra care before and after. Rabies vaccination is required.

I have a 10 week old puppy! Is it too soon to get them groomed?

Not with us! Before your dog is fully vaccinated, taking them to a traditional salon is not an option. However, desensitizing them to grooming in the first four months of their lives is vital to their experience. In our mobile salon, they will not be exposed to other dogs so they can start getting used to grooming right away! Starting with mini puppy appointments is ideal. We love to talk about all things dog and especially puppy, so chat with us about how we can work together to get your puppy an A+ on their grooming report card for the rest of their lives.

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